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iSanctuary’s Innovative Approach Uses NFTs to Combat Cryptocurrency Theft


British investigative agency Clever Sanctuary (iSanctuary) efficiently positioned stolen funds and obtained approval from the Excessive Courtroom of Singapore to flag the related wallets. Utilizing the modern strategy of tokenizing authorized paperwork as NFTs, iSanctuary goals to observe and discourage any additional misconduct associated to the hacked wallets.

Unprecedented World Freeze Order

The Singapore Excessive Courtroom granted iSanctuary’s proposal to connect NFTs containing authorized paperwork to the wallets concerned within the hack. These NFTs, “soulbound” to the respective wallets, function a worldwide freeze order notification to potential companions and exchanges contemplating transactions with the compromised wallets. Whereas the NFTs don’t block transactions, they act as sturdy indicators of the pockets’s involvement in illicit actions.

iSanctuary asserts that the NFTs will play a vital function in monitoring outgoing funds from these wallets. By monitoring the motion of property, iSanctuary can probably hint the disposal and potential restoration of the misappropriated funds. This strategy not solely helps the affected businessperson who misplaced $3 million in cryptocurrency but additionally establishes a precedent for future circumstances involving stolen funds.

Innovative Authorized Approach

The courtroom was satisfied of the evidentiary energy offered by iSanctuary’s senior investigator, comprising each on-chain and off-chain proof. Because of this, the Singapore Excessive Courtroom issued a worldwide injunction, marking a primary for the courtroom in addressing cryptocurrency-related theft and misuse. Using NFTs for serving authorized orders was additionally accepted, showcasing the courtroom’s adaptability within the digital age.

Singapore’s NFT studio Mintable performed a vital function in producing the NFTs. The applying developed by Mintable, referred to as Mintology, was credited for creating the tokenized authorized paperwork. The oblique verification of Mintable’s involvement got here from the founder himself, Zach Burks, who acknowledged the event on his social media platform.

Jonathan Benton, the founding father of iSanctuary, emphasised the potential of this strategy in regulating and policing the blockchain. By figuring out wallets holding unlawful property, iSanctuary’s modern use of NFTs allows the group to swiftly serve civil and prison orders. This strategy not solely aids in recovering stolen funds but additionally serves as a deterrent towards future fraudulent actions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


The profitable use of NFTs as authorized paperwork by iSanctuary in tracing stolen funds and acquiring a worldwide freeze order from the Singapore Excessive Courtroom marks a big milestone within the struggle towards cryptocurrency-related crime. This landmark case showcases the courtroom’s willingness to adapt to rising applied sciences and the potential of NFTs in monitoring and regulating blockchain transactions. With iSanctuary pioneering this strategy, the restoration of stolen funds and the prevention of future fraud within the cryptocurrency area take a big step ahead.


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